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We take diversion very seriously.

Loyalty to Salons.

We protect our product by using only the highest quality materials and patenting our technology all over the world. Olaplex also believes in protecting its customers.

Olaplex is a professional only product. We only sell to licensed salons and distributors. Our commitment to salons is strong. We do not, have not, and will not sell to unauthorized retail chains or online stores. Olaplex does not allow its products to be sold outside of its authorized distribution channels and takes action when it discovers these sales have occurred.

Diversion is a problem faced by many in our industry. When unscrupulous salons and businesses sell product on sites like eBay and Amazon, or to unauthorized customers, the entire industry is hurt. Olaplex takes diversion seriously and will terminate accounts, as well as bring legal actions as necessary to ensure the integrity and supply chain of Olaplex products.

We thank you for your loyalty and your assistance in protecting the Olaplex Brand.

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